Colombia´s potential on becoming a Data Center Hub


Bogotá, mayo de 2022 –

Data Centers are facilities designed and built especially to house technology equipment that store and process information. These places require an infrastructure certification from the Uptime Institute to ensure their efficiency and availability. This is a growing sector that projects a great expansion and responds to the increase in the use of information technologies such as cloud, streaming, gaming, big data, smart cities, artificial intelligence, among others.

Investing in data centers is one of the most attractive businesses in the world, surpassing $31 billion in 2019, and it is expected to reach more than $58 billion worldwide by 2025, according to Big Data statistics.

The Zetta DC Complex is evidence of these large investments, located in the Bogota Free Trade Zone which has 9,738 m2 of built area and 4,560 m2 of available white space. Its design is certified Tier III by the Uptime Institute and was designed to harbor the operation of companies that require the same level of energy, connectivity, space and availability as those in world-class data centers.

Extensive history of investing in data centers

Investment in Data Centers in Colombias has been carried out for several years, and has increased in recent years due to the growing use of information technologies for the development of analytics, streaming, gaming, IoT, among others.

According to Frost & Sullivan, Colombia is the third most important data market in Latin America, with a share of 8.4% and about 9.0% of the market, making Data Centers businesses in Colombia a profitable investment for domestic and foreign investors.

Cities with wide technological access 

Forementioned achievements would not have been possible without having an appropriate infrastructure, in fact, Colombia has one of the best Telecommunications connections in Latin America, supported on eleven maritime cables for international connection (4 of them in the Bogota Free Trade Zone), in addition, 98% of the municipalities in the country have fiber optic internet connection, achieving high speeds and a fairly reliable data transmissibility. This also includes main cities such as Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla and Cartagena, where you can get an excellent network service offer at a fair price.

Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies will demand a large capacity of specialized infrastructure such as data centers, connectivity, latency, storage capacity and availability, these will be determining factors in the implementation of the same.

Edge computing which is the ability to store and process as much data as possible close to where it is generated, – a good example of this is the use of streaming, which not only requires fast data processing but also requires the transfer of such information from a nearby place to maintain an uninterrupted transmission – according to FORBES, this will be an economic pillar in the coming years and it is expected that its market size by 2027 will be 13 times bigger than its current ones , therefore, companies investing in good infrastructure and in an operating model which enables both distributed management and cybersecurity, will be the most valuable, obtaining great competitive advantages, and a safe return on their investment.

Another example of emerging technologies that promote the design and construction of Data Centers is the evolution of the Metaverse. This creation seeks to offer us a digital world in which you can live experiences close to reality, and for this to happen, its developing infrastructure must include efficiency, sustainability, flexibility and more, becoming a growth opportunity for Colombia; to have the projection of important construction projects that attract, precisely, the attention of these technology leaders who will, in turn, be interested in bringing these emerging platforms.