Our Differentiators

Our Differentiators

  • Extensive knowledge of the real estate market and in the construction, development, and operation of assets under the free trade zone regime.

  • Professional, expert, and integral management team.

  • Solid corporate governance structure.

  • ZFB Capital Partners adheres to the Principles of Responsible Investment "PRI" as part of its strategy for incorporating ESG matters into its investment decisions.

  • Dynamic approach to the market and to opportunities offered by each sector.

ZFB Capital Partners being part of the ZFB Group and from the experience in the development, construction, and operation of specialized real estate assets, generates operational, commercial, and strategic synergies such as:

  • Access to a network of strategic allies. They facilitate the generation and closure of commercial opportunities for the development of new real estate projects.

  • Speed and ability of capital execution by the ZFB Group. Competitive advantage in the opportunity of construction and commissioning of real estate assets.

  • Access to the Group´s robust real estate development pipeline. .

  • Strong corporate governance platform, aligned with corporate principles of integrity, transparency, ethics, and innovation.

  • Experienced team. Professionals specialized in the development of competitive environments for business and attraction of foreign investment.

  • Real Estate Management focused on the creation of value. Real estate management platform created to maximize the value of properties and meet asset maintenance requirements.